14 November 2016

General Rules in Hafsah Homestay

Dear Guests, please follow the Rules that are provided.

We also provide the Rules in form of image for Guest reference.
Please Click Image To Enlarge.

 or can be read below

General Rules (Guide for Guests)

1) A deposit of RM50 for bookings.
    Full payment through Online/Cash before Check-in.

2) Check-in time: 2.00pm.
     Check-out time: 12.00 pm.

3) Please respect the neighborhood, behave decently and do not make any noise that can disrupt the well-being of our neighbors.

4) Please use the furniture and equipment supplied well.

5) Always put safety and hygiene first.

6) Ensure that all doors and windows are closed/locked when are not at the homestay. Do not leave any valuable assets in the homestay.

7) Avoid wasted Water and Electricity.

8) DO NOT nailing @ graffiti inside or outside the homestay.

9) Pets are

10) Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials prohibited by law are
NOT ALLOWED to be brought into the homestay.

11) Pork and Lard are NOT ALLOWED. Only HALAL Food and drink are allowed to be brought into the homestay. Liquor/alcohols are NOT ALLOWED at all.

12) Do not throw any objects (especially pad) into the toilet bowl to prevent it from clogging.

13) Report immediately any damage that occurs as soon as you begin to receive the key. Do not make any damage to equipment or carry-out items available in the homestay.
* The owner of the premises is not responsible for any accidents, bodily injury to the body and loss of property.

 * The owner of the premises has the right to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.

Congratulations and Thank You for following with the Rules provided.
Contact us for booking/inquiry.
*Reasonable prices.
Tel / Message / Whatsapp: 019-5806170 (Miss Khadijah) /
0127670870 (Mdm.Shikin)
Email : hafsahomestay@yahoo.com

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